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Here is a list of snare material I have enjoyed the most.  While this material focuses on concert and marching percussion, I find these books very useful in building a rudimental foundation, then learning how to apply them in a solo application. Reading syncopation skills help us understand rhythms, which I call the drummers' language, and builds the eye to hand reflexes so we can execute the most complicated rhythms with precision.  Unlimited grooves, fills and solos can be achieved with the use of syncopation. 


Stick control, which is coordination between the hands, allows us to perform very creative sticking patterns, using finesse with a controlled light touch to explosive dynamics when needed to articulate expression.  For all of you drum set players, you will be amazed how all of this hand technique can be applied to the drum set.

Super Chops

Owners Manual


By Michael Behlmar


Currently at print

 Recommended Study Material -SNARE

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